Lawlor welcomes granting of planning permission on much needed N7 upgrades

1st September 2014

Fine Gael TD for Kildare North, Anthony Lawlor, warmly welcomes the announcement today (Monday) that An Bord Pleanala has granted planning permission to allow the Osberstown Interchange, the Sallins By Pass and the N7 road widening to proceed. It is imperative that the €110 million required for these projects is sanctioned by the Department of Transport as soon as possible.

“These upgrades on the roads adjacent to Naas will have a great impact on the local community, businesses and those using the N7 on a regular basis. The traffic congestion around the area, particularly at peak times, causes great inconvenience to commuters, business people and residents alike and these works will greatly alleviate such difficulties.

“I have been in regular contact with the Department of Transport and Kildare County Council about these projects, asking for the works to be completed without delay and I am delighted to learn that it has progressed to this important stage. Today’s decision is particularly important as the Kerry Group Facility is fast approaching completion and the Osberstown Interchange will greatly facilitate their operations.

“I will now be pressing for funding to be released to allow works to commence and will do all I can, together with Kildare County Council, to ensure the projects are completed in a timely and efficient manner”.


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Russia/China Dump The Petro-Dollar But Will The US Go Quietly?

163468886Russia has finally called the bluff of the US and EU geopolitical maneuverings and sanctions over their support for the groups resisting the armed takeover of the Kiev government in Ukraine and it doesn’t look good for the US economy, and hence does not look good for a peaceful resolution by the US and some of it’s more strident European partners.

Russia’s largest news agency has just announced that the Russian oil and gas supplier Gazprom Nef has taken the final step, which was planned but never executed earlier this year, to stop trading in petro-dollars. It will now do it’s business in Rubles or Yuan when trading with the rest of the world, including Europe who are still dependent on Russian fossil fuels.

Russia, China, India, and Iran have already in place trade deals using their own currencies rather than the (US$) world reserve currency, so this is going to have another very serious effect on the US economy which has for decades used it’s reserve status to bolster its currency and economy, selling it’s debt to countries who trade in dollars. The US already runs a trillion dollar a year deficit and a $13 trillion debt (greater than it’s GDP) and the FED is still buying up it’s own debt by printing money, (which also devalues the debt previously sold).

This move by Russia and it’s trading partners could spell the beginning of the end of US global hegemony and the crippling of their economy, which for decades has been supported by exporting their inflation to the rest of the world through this mechanism. There are plenty of countries around the world, including those mentioned, and a large South American group who are already on board, and some in Europe who are hedging their bets, including big players like Germany who are trying to maintain closer links with Russia.

The difficulty we now face is whether the US will change the way it does business with the rest of the world quietly or, as we have seen throughout history at times of economic depression, will the US and whatever allies it holds on to go to war to maintain it’s unfair economic global advantage. All the recent signs are that the latter is the case but that depends on public opinion which is already weary after a century of constant war.

Europe’s Russian gas dependency has been one of the main issues in the EU’s wavering support of US global policy. In an attempt to harden EU support we have seen western backed militias attempted usurpation of Syria in an effort to lessen that dependency, because by taking control of that region they can then run the Arabian pipeline through Syria to Europe, something the Syrians have always resisted, resulting in this 3 years campaign to undermine the country. Success in taking over Syria may now be seen as essential by the US to stop the European countries one by one abandoning support for it’s economicly advantaged position in the world. To that end it seems apparent that the current northern Iraq issue may well have been exploited by the US and UK to intervene directly in northern Syria themselves, where their militias have failed.

Similarly in Ukraine one of the first political acts of the western backed armed group that took over Kiev was to announce contracts to western companies to extract shale gas, something the elected Ukrainian government had also refused to do for environmental reasons.

So when DDI look at international politics we like to see the whole picture and to inform the public of the true nature and causes of the humanitarian disasters we see; issues that our current government choose not to explain. Knowledge is power, and power belongs to the people of Ireland to make the correct decisions based on full information, not executive decisions painted with politically edited soundbites. In light of this extremely important development we call on the government to make a statement on the issue and on Ireland’s position in support of fair trade over military intervention.

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Government Policies Taking Us Back To The Time Of Davitt And Parnell

Carpenterstown EvictionThis morning at 7.30AM the Dublin Sheriff sent a gang of thugs to Carpenterstown to evict two pensioners from their rental property, for which the rent had always been paid, at the behest of KPMG. They were put out in their nightclothes onto the street, without clothes, money, car keys, and were not allowed even in the presence of 3 Gardai to get back into the house to retrieve these things. All this on the morning of their court appearance to get a stay on the execution of the eviction when the Sheriff had weeks to take this action beforehand.

Not since the days of the Land League have we seen this kind of thing and it is now happening all too often, one would wonder had Captain Boycott returned from the dead. It is shocking how many breaches of law took place, not to mention the constitution, all in front of the Gardai who said they were there to prevent breaches of the peace only, however they failed to apply that duty equally when the occupants were assaulted and forcibly removed without consent. It is apparent that our justice system does NOT include justice as part of it’s remit, it is simply the application of statutes and devoid of law and justice. This must change under DDI.

The issue at hand is that for the entire time the couple have been on notice to quit they have searched for accommodation but cannot find anything suitable that they can afford on pensions and rent allowance, they are simply priced out of the market like most people on assistance. The local authority likewise has no accommodation available and have not for the last 4 years of asking, they also do not prioritise people until they are actually on the street. What a ridiculous strategy that is, a strategy that puts people through unnecessary stress and hardship. Stress that can and has killed.

The government have continued to show they have no housing policy other than leave it in the hands of the bankers and private sector, and it is not working. Social housing does not work when there is a profit to be made. The government must take urgent steps to solve this ever increasing crisis which is being driven by the banking sector. Start prioritising people for once.

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DDI And Anti Tax Groups Are Now Terrorists

urlThe current Minister for Justice has ;just unveiled the new Criminal Justice (Terrorist Offences) (Amendment) Bill 2014 which codifies into Irish law provisions laid out in the EU framework decision on combating terrorism. The new statute includes 3 new offences carrying up to 10 year jail sentences. These are:

  • “public provocation to commit a terrorist offence”
  • “recruitment for terrorism”
  • “training for terrorism”

For most this will have gone unnoticed, and many who have noticed may believe this is necessary, however this is a law that is left open to serious abuse.

This comes from the COUNCIL FRAMEWORK DECISION 2008/919/JHA
of 28 November 2008:

(10) The definition of terrorist offences, including offences linked to terrorist
activities, should be further approximated in all Member States, so that it covers public provocation to commit a terrorist offence, recruitment for terrorism and training for terrorism, when committed intentionally.

(11) Penalties should be provided for natural persons having intentionally committed or legal persons held liable for public provocation to commit terrorist offences, recruitment for terrorism and training for terrorism. These forms of behaviour should be equally punishable in all Member States irrespective of whether they are committed through the Internet or not.

First thing to worry about is that nothing is defined and it is left open to the interpretation of the Minister to prescribe anything they choose to be included in what constitutes activity associated with terrorism. This is the biggest area open to abuse and it can be seen in action this very day in Britain where the Metropolitan Police issued a statement warning anyone found viewing, downloading or disseminating the ISIS beheading video risks prosecution for a terrorist offence. 

Not that many people would even want to view the video but to make such a statement is a draconian attempt to control what people choose to view to make up their own minds about geopolitical events ,with threat of imprisonment.  As the Commissions framework decision says – they must prove intent- but this censorship by threat is overstepping that legal maxim and is therefore unlawful in itself.

Where these laws already exist in Britain and the US written publications and websites have suffered the same fate and many people have been jailed for a long time for simply reading. Now forgive me if that reminds me of the crime of reading Goldstein’s book in Orwell’s 1984.

The media is where the abuse gets serious, many websites and tv stations have been taken off the air over the last few years using these provisions and in many cases it has simply been for giving the other side of the story. Anti terrorism laws have been used to stifle the press preventing media printing stories, and worse still it has been used to conduct secret courts which goes against everything that our judicial system was built upon.

So people say that wont happen in Ireland, they said that in Britain and look where they are now. However this is only the half of it, it gets worse for us in Ireland at a much more national and local level as you will see.

Unlawful Organisations – That Means YOU

(thanks to Attack the Tax for the research on this section)

The third of three laws to be introduced reads…

“3.—Any person who recruits another person for an UNLAWFUL ORGANISATION or who incites or invites another person (or other persons generally) to join an UNLAWFUL ORGANISATION or to take part in, support or assist its activities shall be guilty of an offence and shall be liable on conviction on indictment to imprisonment for a term not exceeding 10 years…. “

So here is where the abuse of power can come into play:

What does the Offences Against the State Act, 1939, describe as an “unlawful organisation”?

“Unlawful Organisations: In order to regulate and control in the public interest the exercise of the constitutional right of citizens to form associations, it is hereby declared that any organisation which:

Part (f)…

…promotes, encourages, or advocates the non-payment of moneys payable to the Central Fund or any other public fund or the non-payment of local taxation.”

from Offences Against the State Act, 1939, Section 18

The government has effectively given itself the power to criminalise anyone who stands against unlawful taxes as a “terrorist” or a “supporter of terrorism”, with the potential to be imprisoned for up to ten years. Such draconian laws are ALWAYS abused by States attempting to exert authority OVER the people rather than SERVING the people.

This in effect criminalises every anti water tax protester or group, anti household tax protester or group, every lay litigant group, and every political party that stands up to them. That means they are attempting to criminalise DDI for supporting the boycott of the water and household charge through lawful means of non consent and refusal of contract.

They are trying to eliminate the opposition first through fear, and then when that doesn’t work they will start to abuse the constitution, the law of the land and the people to achieve dominance. Does this feel like governance by consent anymore? This is where we as a people must draw a line in the sand.

Legislate for Real Terrorists

The elephant in the room is the new offence that should have been added to the anti terrorism legislation but wasn’t. Where is the offence of “Financial Terrorism”? Where is the offence of aiding and abetting financial terrorism ,or encouraging and/or recruiting into acts of financial terrorism?

This would criminalise the entire banking, accounting, legal and governmental sector overnight. This would actually catch and punish the real terrorists of our time, because the real crime and terror we face as a people in this modern world is not military, that is amateurish compared to the crimes the financial world are capable of. It has killed thousands over the last few years and destroyed hundreds of thousands of lives and we ask the Minister why this has not been included in the Act  as a potential act of terror a country may face?

Our Constitution states that:

Treason shall consist only in levying war against the State, or assisting any State or person or inciting or conspiring with any person to levy war against the State, or attempting by force of arms or other violent means to overthrow the organs of government established by this Constitution, or taking part or being concerned in or inciting or conspiring with any person to make or to take part or be concerned in any such attempt.

Now DDI would like to suggest to the Minister that it is way past time that Article 39 of the Constitution was amended by referendum to include treason by virtue of conducting or conspiring to levy “financial war” against the State from within. This would implicate those who knowingly and willfully bankrupted the nation by deregulation and unlawfully burdening the people with an odious debt.  We are sure there are a few bankers, politicians and top civil servants who will be quaking at the thought.

No doubt if we did get that amendment the government would never use it against the real criminals of our time, but would instead be using it against water tax protesters. More’s the pity they don’t ship us off to Australia for free any more, we might all stop paying these taxes.

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O’Flynn Group Court Ruling Could Be A Turning Point For Many In The Fight Against The Banks

imagesToday in the High Court Michael O’Flynn won back control of his business from a US based fund that had bought his loans from NAMA. This is the first time such an action has been successful and sets down a marker for future dealings with these companies that have come to Ireland to buy up loan books at vastly reduced prices.

The O’Flynn Group is a Cork based company with a large asset book and a constant high inflow of revenue. Since NAMA took over it’s loans from the original lenders the Group has for years cooperated with NAMA in restructuring while meeting all loan repayments. However since NAMA sold the €1.8 billion loan book to Blackstone for just €1.1 billion Blackstone linked O’Flynn’s personal loans into the corporate structure despite them not being previously linked. It seems that the reason for this move was to trigger a default clause that would allow them to take over the business lock stock and barrel. By claiming insolvency via an unprecedented short notice demand in June to pay up almost the entirety of his personal loans, which were in fact also being met as agreed.

Now doesn’t this to all intents and purposes look like a deliberate ploy by a foreign vulture fund? Coming in on a loan book at a cut price and using the courts to wrest control of a profitable company so it can sell it off for more profit.  The judge in the case concluded that Blackstine’s subsidiary Carbon Finance acted not in good faith and deliberately misled the court as to the true situation. Basically they lied in their previous court appearance to get an examiner appointed and turfed out the owners, though it remains a point of contention why the previous judge could have possibly ordered a examiner considering so much necessary information was absent from their claim.

This is a practice that became famed in the 80s as “asset stripping”. This is not the first time this has happened here recently, to businesses large and small, but it is the first time it has been successfully defended, and with the discovery orders given against Blackstone this could be a watershed case in the struggle of profitable Irish businesses against these financial vultures.

More details of the case in this Independent article.

This is an important development for Ireland’s businesses in their fight against what now clearly appears to be the planned asset strip of Ireland through this bank crash, guarantee and bailout, and hopefully we will see more businesses bringing the banks to heal with the help of the courts.

It also opens the up many other questions like:

Why did NAMA sell off a €1.8 billion loan book recently to Blackstone for just €1.1 billion when the O’Flynn Group were profitable and well able to service their €1.8 billion loan repayments to NAMA and hence to the taxpayer. Therefore gifting Blackstone a €700 million windfall that must be carried by the taxpayer?


If Blackstone only paid €1.1 billion for the loan book to become O’Flynn’s banker then how are they entitled to unjust enrichment of another €700 million? NAMA could just as easily written off €700 million to the O’Flynn Group itself, but they didn’t need to do either?

Who benefits and what are the connections here?

TV3 interview outside court here:

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