National Parents Council Post Primary – Leaving Certificate Helpline

The NPC Post Primary Leaving Certificate Helpline number is 1800 265 165


Weds: 13.8.2014, 8am-7pm

Thurs: 14.8.2014, 8am-7pm

Fri: 15.8.2014, 8am-1pm

The Helpline for the "first round CAO offers" are as follows

Mon: 18.8.2014, 8am-7pm

Tues: 19.8.2014, 8am-7pm

Weds: 20.8.2014, 8am-1pm

Provided courtesy of the NPC Post Primary in association with the Irish Independent, Eircom and supported by the Department of Education and Skills.

The Institute of Guidance Counsellors are employed to give advice and support to both students and their parents.

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